Tools and references for future reference

Development (General)

Visual Studio Code:
ARM Template plugin:

Git for windows:

PowerShell extension Posh Git:

Install-Module posh-git -Scope CurrentUser

Azure DevOps Tasks

Task Link Description
WhiteSource Bolt marketplace Scan your solution for open source issues and known vulnerabilities. Needs the full product for file and line-number specific reports, but provides a good start.
SonarQube marketplace Analyzing solutions for code smells, unit test coverage and other technical dept. Needs a SonarQube server or SonarCloud (SaaS offering of the server)
Visual Studio Test Platform Installer   Task to install the necessary test tools on a (clean) Agent server to enable running code coverage information from unit tests
Analyze test results documentationmarketplace Analyze your test results from inside Azure DevOps! Gives you insight into the most failing tasks and total progression.
Analytics marketplace Get new insights into the health and status of your work items.

Interesting stuff

Link Description
GitHub Repo How to host SonarQube in an Azure App Service
Azure Quick Start ARM Templates ARM templates for a lot of different Azure resources. Good starting point.
Recover Deleted Azure DevOps Release Definition PowerShell script to recover a deleted Azure DevOps release definition (within 4 weeks after deletion!)

Development (Blazor)


  • Unsplash for great images:
  • Download Azure Icons from the Portal: Azure Icon Downloader Chrome Extension
  • [Console]::ResetColor() for resetting the console colors in PowerShell. I somehow have this issue a lot (mostly from VS Code) where my colors are wrong. Usually because of an error or warning message that got posted that didn’t reset the colors.
    Running this command will fix it.