Hi, I am Rob :wave:

I do DevOps-y stuff, mostly with C# and Azure/Azure DevOps/GitHub.

Community | GDBC :otter:

I help out with the Global DevOps Bootcamp (link), mostly with automating stuff and setting up the infrastructure we need each year.
In the 2019 edition we had over 10.000 attendees spread out all over the world, spending their free Saturday with our platform getting hands-on experience on DevOps topics.
For the 2020 edition I’ve started vlogging about the relevant information/announcements/background stuff here and I have spoken about the event and platform for it several times. The session on DevOps Fest 2020 was recorded here.

Work | Xpirit :hammer:

In my day job I work for Xpirit link as a DevOps consultant, helping our customers with whatever they need regarding development. Whether it’s training, finding out some obscure issues, setting up their CI/CD pipelines, or helping them on their way to implement more DevOps patterns and practices, I help them with it.

Twitter Bots :robot:

  • AzDo Marketplace updates: I created a Twitter bot named AzDoMarketNews to keep up to date on new and improved extensions on the Azure DevOps marketplace.
  • GitHub Action updates: I created a Twitter bot named GitHubActions to keep up to date on new and improved actions on the GitHub marketplace.

About :gear:


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