Date posted: 17 May 2023, 1 minutes to read

Speaking at VSLive! Nashville 2023

I had the pleasure of speaking at VS LIVE! in Nashville link this year. Below you can find the slides that go with my sessions that have all the links you’ve seen in the session.

W19 GitHub Actions: Beyond CI/CD

With GitHub Actions you can do so much more then just CI/CD! I’ve validated the links on my blogposts, automated my issue management and provided easy configuration of my trainings that sets up entire environments for the attendees!

Join this session for more examples how you can use GitHub Actions to make your life easier!

You will learn:

  • GitHub Actions can do more then CI/CD
  • Real-life examples of automation

Download the slides from this link.

W23 Protect yourself against Supply Chain Attacks

As an industry, we are using third party packages and building components for lots of things. In this supply chain, there are lots of places for vulnerabilities. They can then be used to attack your DevOps pipelines!

In this session, I will go over some common attack examples and show you a way to prevent them from happening. There are frameworks available in the industry that guide you through the process of becoming more mature in protecting not only your source code and application but also the packages you use and the pipelines you build them with. I’ll demo some of GitHub’s features that help preventing these types of attacks.

You will learn:

  • Why do we need to protect ourselves?
  • What things do we need to think about?
  • A framework to guide you through improving your security stance

Download the slides from this link.

TH05 Protect your Code with GitHub Security Features

Creating modern software has a lot of moving parts. We all build on top of the shoulders of giants by leveraging closed/open source packages or containers that other people have shared. That makes securing our software a lot more complex as well!

In this session, you’ll learn what possible attack vectors you need to look for, how to protect yourself against them and how to leverage GitHub’s features to make your life easier!

You will learn:

  • Commit signing
  • Dependabot
  • Secret scanning
  • Code scanning using CodeQL

Download the slides from this link.


Met some nice folks and had a great time! Thanks for having me!

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