Date posted: 15 Jul 2020, 0 minutes to read

Register a Startup or Shutdown script on Windows with PowerShell

Today I got asked how you could register a Startup and/or Shutdown script on Windows through PowerShell. My colleague already had a setup for creating a VM, but wanted this extra step as well.

Searching the web revealed some bits and pieces, so I’m logging it here for future reference.

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I’ve created this gist with the registration script and an example file with a script to execute on Startup or Shutdown of the VM. It will then log the date/time to a text file for easy testing:

Log messages in output text file

The trick is to set up (quite a lot of registry keys) and a windows folder that has to be present to get things working.


Tested on a Windows 10 VM (1909).


You need to run the register script with an elevated session because you need to have access to at least the %SYSTEMROOT% directory.