Date posted: 16 Apr 2020, 0 minutes to read

Install an Azure DevOps Agent behind a proxy

Sometimes you need to run the Azure DevOps Agent behind a proxy. If you search around you can find a lot of posts regarding this, and I wanted to have my own overview of all the things you need to keep in mind. At least I’ve tested this list myself 😁.

To run the Azure DevOps agent behind a proxy, the proxy must be updated with the url’s below in the allow-list. The origination of this list comes from Microsoft and Jesse Houwing.

Proxy allow-list

To be able to install the agent we have requested these url’s to be added to the allow-list:

Organization specific:

Replace ORGANIZATIONNAME with the name of your organization of course.


Start the installation by making it aware of the proxy:

The installation will then do the rest.

.\config.cmd --proxyurl "https://fqdn.url.of.your.proxy:3128"

If there are any errors, it will be logged in the _diag folder.