Date posted: 12 Jul 2019, 1 minutes to read

Fixing GitHub Pages Syntax Highlighting

Today I noticed that my syntax highlighting was not working on this blog. Here is how I fixed it!

I am using Jekyll on GitHub pages as I wrote before.

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Looking at the generated HTML indicated that there was some parsing done during the build of the page, but there were no CSS classes available to them: Showing correctly generated HTML with extra tags

I tried searching for documentation about this issue and found some basic stuff. This hinted that I needed to set up a highlighter in my _config.yml:

highlighter: rouge

There is another highlighter (Pygments), but this is not supported. It even seems that rouge is just the default, so you do not need to set it at all!

I found a Stack Overflow question that indicated I needed to include a CSS file with the highlighting I want myself.

Lazy as I am, I searched around and found a gist with a SCSS setup in it. I modified that to be just CSS and added it to my head.html like so:

<link href="/css/syntax.css" rel="stylesheet">

I also needed to add the syntax name that I am using in lowercase to get it all to work: so powershell instead of PowerShell.

Cool feature of GitHub Pages

GitHub pages is already cool by itself, but did you now they actually send you an e-mail if there is an issue with you setup that prevents the yml-build from working? E-mail error from GitHub with Page Build Warning