Date posted: 07 Jul 2019, 2 minutes to read

GDBC: Link overview

Last month we got the opportunity to organize the Global DevOps Bootcamp (link) and it was a blast!


I wanted to create an overview of all blogposts that I could find about the event, so here it is.


Pre-event registration

Jasper Gilhuis wrote down how he handled the pre-event registration of venues and enable them to register the attendees. Read about it here.

Azure Learnings

A post by myself about all the stuff I learned while creating the automation to roll out all the resources we needed in Azure: link.

Monitoring the event

Posted by Michiel van Oudheusden on the things he did for all the monitoring of the infrastructure for the event.

48 hours running the global event

A post by myself about the day leading up to the event and during the day itself. We ran all the infrastructure we needed as a team. You can read it here.

Application Insights

Michiel van Oudheusden shares how he enabled Application Insights to track dependecies in our infrastructure here.


The GDBC team has opened up the challenges website we used during the event itself so everyone can go through the challenges (and behind the scenes videos) to keep on learning! Available under the creative commons (non-commercial) license on

Looking back at the event day

There are a lot of people who blogged about their day at the event, how they found out about it at all and those posts are awesome to read.

Here is an overview:

Donovan Brown in Sweden for GDBC

  • Thomas Rümmler helped organize an event in Stuttgart, Germany and wrote about the experience here.
  • In Stockholm Sweden Antariksh Mistry was at a venue organized by Soldify. This was his first GDBC and you can read about his experience here.
  • Some venues even created a video of their day! This one is from a venue in Bogotá, Colombia and this one is from Vancouver, Canada. This one is from Quebec, Canada.
  • Dmitry Larionov walked into a venue without really knowing anything about GDBC! Find out here what he thought of it :smile:.
  • In Vancouver, Canada Willy-Peter wrote down their feedback.
  • Hannupekka Sormunen visited a venue in Helsinki, Finland and posted his whole dairy here.
  • In Zaragoza (Spain), Veronica Rivas helped to organize their second GDBC an wrote about it here.
  • Read here about the event in Sofia, Bulgaria, which they organized for the third time (perfect score!).
  • The organizers in Toronto, Canada blogged here about the event.
  • David Gardiner helped organizing the third edition in Adelaide, Australia. Read about their day here.

Behind the scenes

If you want to see what the team created to run the event, you can find all the behind the scenes video’s here:


Here are some of the keynotes that have been published online.

Year Speaker Topic Link
2017 Donovan Brown What is DevOps No video online
2018 Buck Hodges How Microsoft does DevOps when creating Azure DevOps YouTube
2019 Niall Murphy Azure SRE Practices YouTube