Date posted: 05 Sep 2018, 0 minutes to read

Azure error setting up export from Activity Log to Event Hub

While working to setup an export from Activity Log to an Event Hub I got no response on a save action. This took some time to figure out why this happened, so I thought it could be helpful for someone else.

Photo by Adam Solomon on Unsplash

Issue when saving

When saving the export setting via this blade:

I got this error:

After scratching my head a little I checked the browsers console log:

Well, what do you know! Apparently the resource provider microsoft.insights hasn’t been registered yet! Would have been a nice message inside of the Portal itself, but at least now I can fix it!

The fix using the portal

Go to your subscriptions, pick the correct one and navigate to resource providers:

Register the microsoft.insights provider and save the export option again. Problem solved!

The fix using PowerShell

You can also fix this via PowerShell, as you can read on Pascal Nabers blog.